Guide to sign up on the Koree application.


As you may well know, Koree is an innovative cashback application. This revolutionary platform offers consumers the opportunity to recover a portion of their purchase amounts and, at the same time, provides businesses, brands, and companies with an extraordinary solution to acquire and retain customers.

So, you can use Koree as a customer or as a merchant, and to do so, it's very simple.

How to use Koree as a customer

To use the Koree application for your purchases, you must follow the following steps :

Step 1: Go to Play Store or on App Store and download the application.

Step 2: Sign up using your phone number.

Step 3: Validate your registration with the code that will be sent to you.

Step 4: Click on the search icon to explore the list of our partners.

Step 5: Click on the partner's logo of your choice at the top right to receive its loyalty card.

Step 6: Make purchases to enjoy cashbacks.

How to use Koree as a merchant

If you are a merchant and you want to use the Koree application to set up a cashback program to retain your customers, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Play Store or the App Store to download KOREE PRO sur Play Store or on App Store.

Step 2: Contact our customer service at the following number: 620 138 722 ou par e-mail à l’adresse

Koree aims to become the undisputed leader in cashback in Francophone Africa. By continuing to innovate and expand its network of partners, the application aims to offer even more attractive benefits to its users. Furthermore, Koree is committed to promoting financial inclusion by facilitating access to digital services for all segments of the population.