Who are we?

Back to basics!

Koree is pronounced “cowrie”. The cowrie, named “Monetaria moneta” or “Cypraea moneta” is a species of shell from the Cypraeidae Specie (the “porcelains”). Cowries are well-known, especially in Africa and the Indian Ocean, where they were the most widely-used shell money.

In the middle of the 19th century, cowries could even be exchanged for gold in Mali, in Timbuktu. That is why we gave our logo its golden color.

It is clear that the cowrie is a symbol of power and wealth. We go back to our roots by paying with Koree in the 21st century!

L’idée de l’application Koree est née en 2018, lors d’un passage en caisse dans une boulangerie… Face au manque de monnaie dans la caisse, à l’absence de carte de fidélité physique ou dématérialisée et au désarroi de la caissière, il fallait agir!

Our Mission

We are building the 1-stop rewards application in French-speaking Africa! We created a simple, secure, 100% digital and practical solution so that shoppers can enjoy the best offers and get incentives on their shopping.

Avec Koree il n’y a pas de hasard!
We win or we win!It is time we benefit from our hard-earned money, quickly!

Our Vision

We often face a shortage of spare change when paying in stores and it makes our payment experience very frustrating.

At Koree, we are convinced that technology can solve the spare change shortage!
We are against small papers with handwritten figures, against candies given at checkout to avoid giving us back our change. Koree is digitizing small change!